Adjustable Weight Blankets ($45-$70)

These smaller blankets have velcro at each end and removable weight packets. This allows the blanket to be adjusted for use by different children or for a child as he or she grows. The outside of the blanket can be machine washed and dried. Inside weight packets, filled with aquarium stones, should be hand washed and air-dried.

Smaller size, good for a lap or small child, measures approximately 12″ x 16″. Four 1-pound weights are included.   $45

Large size measures about 16″ x 20″ and includes six 1-pound and six half pound weights. $70

Note: Additional weights are $5 per pound.

IMG_2958 IMG_2959


18 thoughts on “Adjustable Weight Blankets ($45-$70)

    • Hi. I just replied to you by e-mail. If you want to move forward, let me know his age and what size you’d like. (I can make them any size and will give you a quote once we decide on fabric, weight and size). Thanks!

  1. April says:

    Could you please send me the information about ordering, price, and how the weights are distrubited in the blankets? Thanks!

    • I mainly make adjustable weight lap blankets. You would chose your fabric (I have lots of fleece both sold color and print) and size. For the lap blankets, they are open on each end (with velcro closures) and you use pouches filled with weight that are removable). As you need more or less weight, you add or take out weight pouches.

      For the bigger blankets, the weights are only adjustable on each end, which has velcro closures as well. I’m not an OT, but believe you really need the weight distributed evenly, so I don’t sell as many of these. People buy the size and weight they need in a regular blanket and then get a heavier one if the user’s weight changes. (Note that the regular blankets are also filled with weight distributed evenly in the blanket by sewing the weight in grids. I use aquarium stones for the weight. Natural and washable – but don’t put them in the dryer.

      Hope that helps. If you are interested in anything, let me know what type of blanket, color preference and weight deserted and I’ll give you a price. Thanks.

    • Because the weights are removable, the outside of the blanket can be washed. Also, fleece does not absorb spills and dirt as quickly as other fabrics. I would suggest maybe getting 2 covers and swapping them. Or, can make it out of another fabric if you can suggest something. (I’m thinking of vinyl table cloth fabric, but it’s not as soft as the fleece.Here’s something that is not red and white check:–chevron-tablecloth/13134820.html)
      Let me know if you have any other ideas for fabric. The tablecloth material might be a little stiff.


      • Kassandra says:

        The vinyl material sounds good, but we would probably need a solid color. How long would it take to make and how much would it cost if we were to order a large lap pad with 6 extra pounds, so we could use it for multiple people.

  2. Are you planning to use all the weights at once? I think the most you could fit in the lap blanket would be 6 one-pound and 6 half-pound weights (maybe 12 one-pound would fit if I made it a little bigger.) I note that extra weight is $5 per pound, but I could give you 6 extra 1-pound weights for $18. Shipping will be cheapest by priority mail. If it’s a lager box it will be $17. Medium box would be $15.
    So at most $70 + $18 (extra weights) + $17 (shipping) = $105. It would be less if it can fit into the medium sized box and less if you don’t want all those weights. (Do you even want the 1/2 pound ones?)
    Let me know what you think and I’ll check to make sure I can get solid color vinyl. Any color preferences or colors to avoid?

  3. Kassandra says:

    Thank you for all your help, but unfortunately we needed to go with another option based on what it will be used for. I appreciate all your quick responses though and may consider this again in the future.

  4. Susan says:

    I have a son with Aspergers who is 5ft 5 in 140lbs. What would you recommend? Cost? Red is his favorite color and loves video games!

    • Hi! OTs recommend 10% of body weight plus 1 pound, so his blanket would be 15 pounds. It would be about 28″ x 58″ and cover the top of a twin bed (and him!). It would be $85 (due to the weight) and shipping would be $17.00 (large flat rate priority mail is most cost effective for heavy blankets). So $102.00 in total. I’d suggest solid red color as some of the character fleece is more cheaply made (and I haven’t seen good video game fleece…people have asked before).
      Let me know if you want to move forward. If so, I’ll make the blanket, send you photos of it and THEN you can pay.

      Thanks! – Lynda

  5. Kristen Harmon says:

    I’m interested in getting a twin size blanket for my son who is 6 and weighs 49 lbs. Solid navy blue would work. How can I order?

    • I can make it for you, send you a photo or 2 of it when it’s done. Once you see it, then you can pay for the town size that’s listed. A few things to know and decide. I use fleece because it’s most durable. I have navy on hand and can start sewing this weekend. I either fill them with natural aquarium stones (natural is good, they give a good amount of weight per stone, they tend to be larger than the alternative -pellets- but must be AIR DRIED. The other filler is plastic pellets (the ones found in be any babies – if you remember them). These are not environmentally friendly but the blanket can go in the drier on a low heat setting. I don’t recommend pellets if your child chews or mouths things. No one has ever chewed through a blanket before, but I would worry more about choking on the tiny pellets if it ever happened.
      The blanket will measure about 28″ across by 58″ long. It covers most of the top of a twin bed, but does not hang over the sides or end. Let me know your filling preference and I’ll start sewing. It will weigh about 6 pounds.

    • One other question: are you looking for a regular twin size or the adjustable weight one (where the weights on either rend of the blanket can be changed)? Although I am not an OT, I would not recommend adjustable weights on a twin blanket because the weight will not be distributed evenly on such a big blanket. Only the top and bottom will have the extra weight, with the majority of space in between a lighter weight per square. Please let me now your intention. Thank you!

  6. Amanda Johnson says:

    I am needing a weighted blanket that is pretty big. Do you make any bigger than 16″x 20″.Also, how many weights can be added?
    Thank you,
    Amanda Johnson

    • I can make an adjustable weight blanket bigger than 16 x 20 but only the top and bottom ends will be able to have weight packets adjusted. The area in the middle of the blanket will be a set weight. (Picture a tic tac toe game or a grid. I will put velcro on the top and bottom of the grid so those squares and have different weights. There will be squares in the center of the blanket that will just have weights sewn into them. (I’m not an OT but believe the weight is most effective if evenly distributed).

      If you are OK with just the ends having adjustable weight, let me know what size you are looking for. Also note that I can make a blanket in any size if the weight will be set and not adjusted. Anything bigger than 28 x 58 might be very expensive to ship due to weight and size.
      Let me know if I can help you out! – Lynda

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