Pricing, Ordering, etc.

Pricing will vary depending upon the fabric selected, size of the blanket or jello and weight of the blanket. I always try to get the fabric on sale and will pass the savings on.

Estimated prices are found below and I will let you know if your unique item might cost more or less before completing it for you.

Crib/Lap blanket: $45 – $59

Adult therapy snuggle (approximately 28” x 68”): $85 – $100

Twin blanket (approximately 28″ x 58″): $80 – $95

Full sized (approximately 57” x 72”): $95 -$110

Ribbon Blanket (approximately 10″ x 12″): $14

JELLOS range from $75 – $115

$25- $30 depending upon fabric and size.

I also can sew other items that you may need.

E-mail me your request at or fill out the form below and I’ll get right back to you.


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