Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets are used by people who have sensory needs and are calmed by the feeling of pressure or weight on their body. Having worked with Occupational and Speech therapists, I saw how useful these cozy blankets could be.

I primarily sew them using fleece as it is durable, soft and comes in many colors and a generous width. Each blanket is custom-made to the user’s height, weight and fabric preference. They are filled with aquarium stones, a natural product which gives the biggest amount of weight per volume compared to other, man-made filling materials.

The blanket is segregated into a grid with each square of the grid having approximately the same weight in stones (give or take a pebble!)

Because the stones tend to be rough and heavy, we suggest washing the blankets by hand or in the gentlest cycle of your machine but only AIR DRYING.

If you are looking for a blanket for a child who receives OT services, check with the therapist to make sure they feel a blanket would benefit your child.

photo         IMG_0303photo-2IMG_2078IMG_0746IMG_3013



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